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The aviation industry has had significant shifts in the profitability of different sectors over the past several years. From the decline of passenger travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic to the rise of the global air freight market as demand for e-commerce increased and investors’ profits soared.

Investors are now interested in environmentally friendly targets, such as advanced air mobility (AAM) and electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft (eVTOL) for passenger or cargo carriage. Many manufacturers are focusing on developing eVTOL, and significant investments are already occurring in this sector.

There are a range of important considerations Investors seeking joint ventures in the eVTOL sector need to consider as well as the fact that different nations have unique aircraft certification requirements for eVTOL aircraft. The European Union, Australia, the United States and Asia are all striving to be the first to host eVTOL operations, with some vertiports aiming to be operational as early as 2030.

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