Advanced air mobility, or ‘AAM’, is a concept that seems to grow and evolve on a weekly basis, as hundreds of companies and thousands of people worldwide invest their expertise, their motivation and their money into the project of making the concept a reality.

We’ve all seen the glossy eVTOL marketing materials, the prototypes soaring towards the horizon, the grand architectural plans for vertiport hubs, and the mesmerising artists’ impressions of what these aircraft and this infrastructure will look like in familiar urban landscapes. From the asset finance perspective, these images look more like jigsaw puzzles to be assembled – with the catch that all the pieces are moving, and moving fast.

The pieces come in all shapes and sizes, with issues from legal, to regulatory, to insurance, to real estate and property development, to public perception, to education, to architecture, to planning, to software development, to standardisation of plugs and charging systems, to air traffic management, and beyond, all adding colour to the picture.

So, we are going out and asking people with unique perspectives on the current state of AAM to share their thoughts, particularly where those perspectives might show where the issues overlap. It might not be possible for anyone to join all the pieces of the jigsaw just yet, but we might at least help identify some of the edges.